Wednesday, 27 January 2010

iPod v2

11:20AM - “We will be shipping iPads in 60 days.”

11:20AM - “So $499 / 629, 599 / 729, and 699 / 829.”

11:19AM - Cheering! “At $499 a lot of people can afford an iPad. 16GB is our base model. For 32GB it’s $100 more, and for $100 more than that you get $64GB. The 3G models cost another $130.”

Looks like we'll have to wait till June / July to get one in the UK... Wonder what the UK price will be? Apple's exchange rate has always been very dodgy...

Conclusion remains the same, can't wait to get one but will have to wait a few months till the first batch has been released and the initial problems solved and the next revised batch released to Market...

Can't wait...

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