Wednesday, 27 January 2010

iPod v2

11:20AM - “We will be shipping iPads in 60 days.”

11:20AM - “So $499 / 629, 599 / 729, and 699 / 829.”

11:19AM - Cheering! “At $499 a lot of people can afford an iPad. 16GB is our base model. For 32GB it’s $100 more, and for $100 more than that you get $64GB. The 3G models cost another $130.”

Looks like we'll have to wait till June / July to get one in the UK... Wonder what the UK price will be? Apple's exchange rate has always been very dodgy...

Conclusion remains the same, can't wait to get one but will have to wait a few months till the first batch has been released and the initial problems solved and the next revised batch released to Market...

Can't wait...

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The ipad is here!!

The ipad has been born... Apple's answear to the tablet... Wonder how much it is... And when it will be available...

Woo hoo... Looks good...

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Creating a custom ring tone on your iPhone...


Things You'll Need:

a. iPhone
b. iTunes
c. Mac or Windows Computer
d. Non-DRM song (i.e. one not bought from the iTunes Store)


1. Open up iTunes on your Mac or PC.
2. Find the song that you want to make into a ringtone.

3. Listen to the song and find the part of it you want to use. You don't always want to start at the beginning.

4. Using iTunes, write down the start and stop times of the clip you want to use.

5. Right-click the song and select "Get Info" and then click the "Options" tab.

6. Type in the start time of your ringtone in the text box next to "Start Time" in the minutes:seconds (i.e. 1:07) format.

7. Next you need to type in the end time of your ringtone in the text box next to "Stop Time." Make sure the ringtone is no more than 35 seconds long.
8. Click on "OK" when you have done that.
9. Once again, right-click your song and select "Convert Selection to AAC." Wait for iTunes to convert your song. It will create a duplicate version.

10. Right-click the ringtone and select "Delete."

11. Click on the "Keep Files" button.

12. Now you need to find the file which is usually in your "User" folder under Music > iTunes > iTunes Music and under the band's name. It will have an extension of "m4a."
13. Replace the "m4a" extension of your ringtone with "m4r". You can double-click the file to rename it, or right-click and select "Get Info" on a Mac or select "Rename" on a Windows PC. Click yes or use .m4r when the systems pops up a warning message.
14. Next, double-click the ringtone file. ITunes will automatically add it to your ringtones folder in your iTunes Music Library.

15. Connect your iPhone and sync your ringtones. You may need to select, sync ringtones from the options.

Let me know how you get on...

Monday, 4 January 2010

10 essential tools you need...

This is a great little article. Worth spending a few minutes having a quick read.

Have a great week


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone... Looking forward to a great 2010...

Will be posting an article soon on how to create a ring tone on your iPhone...