Friday, 12 September 2014

Dealing with Failure

This is a very honest and open blog on my recent experiences in dealing with things I have failed in.

I have failed at a few things recently. My biggest failure to date is not being with my son every day. I tried everything I could to be with his mother so that I could be with my little boy but it simply didn’t work out. Above all else I felt he deserved to grow up with his mum and dad. I really tried hard and sacrificed a lot to make that happen but eventually it was taken out my hands. And I had to deal with the ultimate failure. I had failed to be there for him every day.

Tragic attack by two lions

At 6:30pm shouting was heard from the houseboat and our researcher arrived at the scene within 10 mins to find an employee had been attacked by the lions.
Using the research vehicle the lions were driven off the victim but first aid unfortunately could not be given as the lions remained within too close proximity. The man sadly passed away at the scene.