Thursday, 21 October 2010

Reviewing our RMM solution

We are going through another review of our remote management solution. We have been using Centrastage for about a year now and while it is very cost effective and good at some things, we feel we could get a lot more out of it this type of software.

We need more integration with connectwise which is our ticketing and billing system.

We need more automation and be able to eaisly monitor applications, backups, anti-virus and so on.

We are looking at GFI Max which seems very easy to use and so far impressed. Just not so sure on the pricing.

About to look at labtech software as well that has huge investment from connectwise but very mixed reviews. Was dissappointed with their sales team as it was a case of if the software doesn't sell itself then oh well... US companies seem to have forgotton how important the customer is and that some customers need a little more hand holding than others. Just focused on growing their business as quickly as possible and focusing on numbers rather than quality of service.