Friday, 21 May 2010

Guerrilla Business Intensive

I have two discounted tickets for this if you are interested, please get in touch - 

What You Get From The Guerrilla Business Intensive
Through high-impact processes, exercises, games, and case studies participants will learn:
  • How to earn a million pounds a year in any business you choose!
  • How to generate million-pound ideas every 60 seconds.
  • How to make or save a fortune using guerrilla negotiation tactics.
  • How to start any business or division with little or no money down.
  • How to raise £10,000 to 1/2 a million pounds without asking anyone to finance anything.
  • How to set up your business for massive passive income or (sell it for millions if you choose to!)
And much more.
The Guerrilla Business Intensive with T Harv Eker is not for everybody because you will have to work incredibly hard during the five day program and many people will not be up to it or don't want to succeed enough.

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