Thursday, 21 August 2014

Scary Truth about Facebook Messenger

Here is a short list of the most disturbing permissions it requires and a quick explanation of what it means to you and the privacy settings on your phone.
• Change the state of network connectivity – So Facebook can change or alter your connection to the Internet or your mobile service. You’re basically giving Facebook permission to turn features on your phone on and off and without telling you.
• Call phone numbers and send SMS messages – Facebook is able to automatically send text messages to your contacts on your behalf without your consent.

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Gaboon Viper

Bitis gabonica
Gaboon vipers have a restricted range and are essentially forest dwellers. They are very spectacular being the heaviest, if not the longest venomous snake in Africa and one of the largest venomous snakes in the world.
In Zimbabwe, they are found only along the eastern border, mainly in the river valleys i.e. Honde valley, Burma valley, Pungwe valley, Lisitu valley but also Mt. Selinda, and extending into Mozambique. In South Africa they are restricted to the forests of northern Zululand between Matubatuba and St. Lucia. Elsewhere in Africa they are found in tropical forests throughout Zaire, northern Angola, Zambia, south eastern Tanzania, western Kenya, Uganda and from southern Sudan to Guinea.

Black mamba – Dendroaspis polylepis

There is little chance of you coming across a black mamba near the water’s edge when you are out fishing, because firstly, they don’t generally hunt their prey near water, and secondly, being very shy and antisocial, they would have moved on as soon as they heard you coming! However, you may encounter them on your way to the water, especially if you have to trek through bush and have to climb over rocks and kopjies – which is where black mambas live! I have to confess, and I’m sure most honest fisherman would agree that the best fishing spots are those that you can drive to, with the minimum amount of walking and carting of tackle and beer. This also lessens the chance of meeting snakes along the way.

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